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Community Repeaters (CBS's)

Hope Valley Radio own and operate community repeaters in Shropshire and Wales giving radio coverage across Wales, Herefordshire, Woctershire, and the Midlands.

Repeaters are a rely located on top of a high hill that gives wide area coverage - mobile to mobile and mobile to base over a specific area with savings over mobile phone calls.

Hope Valley Radio have converted the old analog CBS with a new Kenwood Nexedge digital system, which can add GPS, TEXT messaging, and other future upgrades. The radio system is up and running with new aerials etc for use in both analog or digital. Current analog and NXDN® digital fleets can share a NEXEDGE® base/repeater station in 12.5 kHz conventional "Mixed Mode," thus providing uninterrupted service as long as needed and a straightforward migration path as aging analog fleets are replaced with digital. 

Digital two way radios from Nexedge offer:


Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode which allows NEXEDGE® radios to communicate automatically with your existing analogue radios


Secure connections without interruptions and the risk of information leaks


Designed to grow with your requirements starting with hand-portable walkie-talkies and mobile units for peer to peer communications


Kenwood Nexedge® digital two way radios and walkie talkies reduce external noise, making them ideal for noisy environments


Strong, clear signals over a much wider area than analogue systems


Peer-to-peer or wide area trunked capabilities for local, national and international coverage.


Incorporates status buttons, enhanced text messaging, unit ID and man-down functions


Provides voice, data and tracking on the same network at the same time allowing you to monitor staff movements and deploy resources effectively.

Wide Range

Wide range of tough, reliable hand-held walkie talkies and in-vehicle formats

Future Proof

Operates in 25 and 12.5 kHz analogue and 12.5 & 6.25 kHz NXDN® digital modes – meeting spectrum requirements today and into the future.

Please call the sales office more more info.

Radio System Design

We can help design a tailored made radio system to suit the customers needs, be it on-site for a factory, warehouse shopping centre, or a wide area system for local authority, courier vans etc.

Aerial and Satellite Services

We can supply and install a variety of aerials from PMR (private mobile radio) to terrestrial television and satellite for commercial and domestic markets.

Installation of digital & analogue TV and Satellite

We can supply and install all TV, FM and satellite equipment to suit the customers needs 

Service call outs for aerial and satellite faults

From simple repairs such as alignment of aerials and dish's to cable and component faults using modern test equipment.

Hardware and Connectivity

We supply a wide range of parts from flat screen TV brackets to scart and HDMI leads 


Intrinsically Safe, Public safety & ATEX

Oil rigs, gas works or any hazardous work areas including dusty mill areas are at risk of explosions has a necessity of approved radio equipment in these areas.

ATEX covers this requirement and has become mandatory since 2003. 






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